I have spent the bulk of my career, both as a performer and a teacher in historical performance. I fell madly in love with the sound of a gut string on a cello set up more for resonance than power while studying for my masters degree at New England Conservatory in Boston. I followed my dream by doing post graduate studies in Salzburg, Austria and then working with a group called Muisca Antiqua Cologne in Germany. I am so lucky to have a beautiful Italian Cello! My project will be to record a CD called “Out of Italy” - music for two cellos with or without continuo written by Italian composers who left Italy to seek fame and fortune.

You might ask why this topic? I realized at some point that I really loved the music of several Italian composers who ended up in places like London or Amsterdam or Madrid , to name a few.  Composers like Luigi Boccherini, Francesco Geminiani or Antonio Vivaldi. I thought of how my travels and contact to great musicians of other countries have affected my music making, and how music in these great musical centers must have been affected by these great Italians of the baroque. While one can listen to recordings of sets of sonatas that these composers wrote, I thought it would be fun to listen to a compilation

In thinking of who I would like to play this music with, I immediately thought of a former student, nowthriving cellist, Beiliang Zhu. I feel so lucky that we crossed paths and enjoy playing together and I really love the way she plays the cello. We will be joined by harpsichordist, Avi Stein and lutenist, Charlie Weaver. Beiliang and I will be splitting the repertoire so that I get the fun of accompanying her as well, with this dynamic continuo team. Beiliang and I have chosen 4 sonatas with continuo and 3 duos without from the baroque into the early classical eras.